Saturday, June 3, 2017

The "Selfish Giant" by Oscar Wilde Analysis

"The Selfish Giant" by Oscar Wilde written for children. This story became popular as a class material for learners who study English because the language there is not difficult and the story includes lots of questions and dilemmas about the good and the bad, human relationships, the meaning of life.

The main character (Giant) was selfish refusing to give children permission to play in his garden and nature punished him. Among the children was a small boy who loved people so much that he died for everyone. Eventually, the Giant let children to play in his garden and became happy.

There are two plot lines in the story I would like to highlight:
- A selfish person is usually unhappy;
- Retelling the Bible's story about Christ Redeemer.

The clue fact that the giant had realized that he was selfish and he was forgiven. This message is good advice for children and adults.

This story was discussed with the teacher Vitalii in online school

We discussed during the class these grammar constructions (they are highlighted in the text above)

Substantivization: The action or process of converting an adjective (verb, etc.) into a noun (substantive).

Adjectivization - The action or process of converting a word or phrase into an adjective or an adjectival form

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