Thursday, June 1, 2017

"Eyes Do More Than See" by Isaac Asimov Summary

Let's try to think what life would be after hundreds of billions of years. I thought about it the first time after reading a short story "Eyes Do More Than See", written by Isaac Asimov.

I asked my colleagues if they had ever thought what would happen to the world and the human race after billions of years? They answered, “no, never”. And this is what differentiates the work of a genuine writer from an ordinary one. Isaac Asimov is a classic of sci-fiction literature and he is a genius without any doubts.

The human will lose the physical form of life. It is logical according to some scientists which prove certain dependencies between energy, matter, speed, waves, gravitations etc.

The two main protagonists of the story used to operate with Energy and they decided to manipulate Matter. This is the quote from the text:

"Imagine! A symphony of Matter. Why bother with Energy. Of course, there's nothing new in Energy". "... why not build up an imitation of ourselves in Matter, ourselves as we used to be?”

My interpretation:
"Matter really matters”, that is the moral of the story.

This story was discussed with the teacher Vitalii in online school

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