Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Excursion to Kizhi Island (Russian North)

This one-day excursion trip was planned by organizers of business meeting for the last day of this meeting, on the 23rd of June in 2017. We had a meeting in Petrozavodsk, the main city of Republic Karelia in Russia.

This is one of the most suitable time for visiting this place because this is a time of white nights (nights when it never gets completely dark, at high latitudes outside the Arctic Circle).

I took this picture in the city Petrozavodsk about 10:30 PM, it looks gorgeous how light of sunset glows such as from under the earth.

We dedicated this day to Kizhi. It is an island located on Lake Onega. It took more than one hour to reach this place from Petrozavodsk on the speedy boat "Meteor". The island is about 6 km long and 1 km wide.

The island was populated from the 15th century, there were four small villages there. There were a few churches on this island. But by the time of previous century, this place was abandoned. It was decided by the government about 70 years ago to create here the museum. As a result, a several wooden built buildings were moved to this island from different parts of Karelia. Today the entire island is an open-air museum. It includes Kizhi Pogost (two major churches) which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. All buildings here are made only from wood without nails.

We can see on this picture the main church, it is under reconstruction now.

Next photo represents a typical view for field sown by cereals:

We were impressed by the beauty of the color of Lake Onega. Northern sunshine reflected through the surface of water creating the fabulous blending of blue water and sky!

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