Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mr. Know-All by Somerset Maugham Analysis

I read this story with a great pleasure and told it in my family checking in which point of this intriguing story the ending became clear. The plot of the story "Mr. Know-All" by William Somerset Maugham is how the narrator had to share the cabin on the ship with Mr. Kelada, who was described as a very annoying person, and what happened next.

For the purpose of keeping intrigue, I'm not going to tell the plot. This analysis is dedicated to the themes which Maugham used.

The narrator said in the beginning of the story "I was prepared to dislike Max Kelada even before I knew him." Let's compare this with one of the final phrases of the story "At that moment I did not entirely dislike Mr. Kelada". What happened it the story is a riddle (I encourage readers of my blog to read the story).

What the narrator thought about belongings of Mr. Kelada:
"He had unpacked his toilet things, and I observed that he was a patron of the excellent Monsieur Coty" probably it is a very expensive perfume.
About his knowledge and abilities:
"He ran everything. He managed the sweeps, conducted the auctions, collected money for prizes at the sports, got up quoit and golf matches, organized the concert and arranged the fancy-dress ball. He was everywhere and always. He was certainly the best hated man in the ship. We called him Mr. Know-All, even to his face."

It is a cliche for British to look down upon others. This is a quote from the narrator:
He spoke with a fluency in which there was nothing English and his gestures were exuberant. I felt pretty sure that a closer inspection of that British passport would have betrayed the fact that Mr. Kelada was born under a bluer sky than is generally seen in England."
But all negative emotions was covered by the action which Mr. Kelada did. Welcome for reading.
I would recommend you to watch an old movie based on this work. The link to youtube is here:

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