Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wonderful Moscow City

Moscow-city is a new district of Moscow. The main difference from other Moscow districts is a height of the buildings. There are a few skyscrapers in this area. The tallest is the Federation Tower. The height of this building is 373 meters from the main entrance to the roof.

I was in this building in the restaurant "Sixty" which is located on the 61st floor of the tower. This is the highest restaurant in Moscow. We celebrated there my friend’s birthday. The staff of the restaurant opened a window for the guests  and we took some photos of the beautiful views of Moscow.
There are a few towers in this area. The main usage of them is business. For instance, all audit companies of Big Four have offices there. The first floor is occupied by very large shop’s centre.

During my weekend trips by bicycle along the Moscow river, I like taking pictures of panoramic views of the Moscow river with Moscow-city district in the background. Look how beautiful it is:


This topic was written and corrected by teacher Tony G in online school http://englishlive.ef.com (former englishtown)

Teacher’s comments:
The noun form is (height= the height of something). 'High' is an adjective, so we say (something is high)

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