Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Green Business in the Internet

Let's pretend that we start creating social network dedicated to Green Business. The title or address in the Internet would be green On this site users would find (mistake in word order Users would find on this site) information about green business projects like green roof, solar panels on the roof etc.

First of all it is necessary to fill the site with (mistake in preposition by) information about green products and technologies. As an opposite example the site would include pictures showing what the nature could be without nature protecting measures. Dried land, polluted air, no animals.

The entrepreneurs would publish on the site the information about their shops, technologies etc. A part of the site would be dedicated to law regulation, to the tax benefits for the green business. It should (mistake in using be) think about children and create a special section for them with cartoons, online games like "to grow a tree", "to clean the city" and so on.

PS: I checked the domain name GREENBUSINESS.COM . It is occupied by GODADDY.COM, LLC. I’m probably (mistake in word order Probably I'm) not the first person who thought about the site for green business.

Article (AR). Remember to select the correct article to go with the tone and structure of the sentence and story. Pay attention to what article should be used. We use ‘an’ before a word starting with the vowels 'A, E. I. O. U' and a before consonants. You said 'to grow tree' rather say ‘to grow a tree’ Word Order (WO) Remember to use the correct sentence structure when describing information. Pay attention to the order that you are writing in. You said 'Users would find on this site information' rather say 'On this site users would find information'

This topic was written and corrected by teacher Kate V in online school (former englishtown)

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