Sunday, June 19, 2016

Past Stories from Second Life

Today in the class on teacher LaShonda McGriff asked us about our experience watching virtual art instead of real art galleries. And I remember these notes which I wrote several years ago:

You can read below stories about Second Life (an online game where I practice English).

Dresden Gallery
Dresden Gallery is the most surprising thing which you can imagine. I read this stuff was ordered by RL (real life) - Dresden Gallery for population ones. I was in Dresden in the Really Life and in the Second Life and I can constant:: It is very similar. I think that big part of collection pictures were re-created there. The quality is very well. I You could do a large picture on your monitor using zoom off SL- camera, you you could see the smallest details peaces. And more ! You can push on the picture and take a notecard with author’s and picture’s name. And the main !!! If you push the button right-below picture, You can listen story about this one in English (from loading Web-site) !!! 


It is really gift for people who was in Dresden Gallery in RL and especially for people who can’t do it. It is really good occasion for practice English (I mean Listening).
URL this Location
Anatoliy Learner (my name in Second Life).

The Lost World by Taylor Danick

I'd like to tell you about interesting experiment which was done by Taylor Danick. Once more I realize that the possibilities of people's fantasy do not have boundaries. And as an example is The Lost World. I visited this Sim a little more than 1 month. During this time it had changed. If you visit to this place you'll see:
1. The gorgeous re-creation of an ancient World atmosphere.
2. A lot of ancient animals which could react to your activity (animation).
3. Vulcan, caverns with their local animals.
4. Beautiful landscapes.

I was sincerely delighted by this Sim and I advise you to visit it.
URL this Location
Anatoliy Learner (my name in Second Life).

Charming France
If you have been in France: What is your main impression ?
For me it is poetic imagination of French province. I found this imagine in frenchy-town Ruan ( native land of Janna d'Ark). It was perfect sunny day and this place is associated for me with fairy land - France. 


And I have found the same thing at Sim Coeur. I have seen bending streets, colored houses, small shops, bridges crossing canals, beautiful autumn trees and lawns. And Music ... gorgeous classical music. I invite you to visit this place and compare you impression about France with conception wich offering this Sim.
Link for visit
Anatoliy Learner (my name in Second Life).

History in our hearts
It is realy fenomen when we can join in historical recreations. 

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