Wednesday, June 15, 2016

CSR (Corporate Social Responsiibility). Writing Exercise With

Write a few paragraphs about corporate social responsibility. Do you believe companies have a responsibility to society? Or do you think a company's only responsibility is to its shareholders? Give examples of CSR that you are familiar with.

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Let's think about reasons why companies do it.

Acknowledging that the main aim of commercial company is a profit, critics of the CSR say that it is a PR-trick for representing image which company actually doesn't have. Obviously that statement is not true because it is a part of a company's strategy for achieving success. Spending money for the social programs and representing them to public is much more effective than just making advertisements.

The company's budget usual includes a number of money for employee’s salaries and for social aims. One of the reasons for spending money is to show that they care for their employees. When people feel concern from their employer, the company receives a good response. They may be united by a common deal and feel satisfaction of their job.

CSR is especially important for enterprise forming  a company’s town. If the company organizes events for the emploee’s children, the parents may receive additional positive energy for working for the company and children would probably decide to work in the future for this company too.

So, if you were an employee of the company which policy includes CSR, would you have preferred increasing your salary or providing a%% new social program for your community? Even your answer is a cash, the company will be generally recognized by society exactly for the new social program.


Remember to use the possessive form "company's" because you are showing a possession of "a company's town" or "company's strategy."

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