Sunday, July 27, 2014

English: Writing. About Wes Anderson

You have the chance to write one letter to your favorite singer/actor/celebrity. Write a letter to him/her telling why you are his/her biggest fan.

Attention to Mr. Wes Anderson
Dear Mr. Anderson,

Thank you for the opportunity to write you a letter. I just finished watching the movie where you wrote a screenplay: “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. This movie was made in a very unusual style. I’m trying to understand what made this movie so distinguishED from other ONES.

I think that the CAMERA operator in this movie made IT WHAT IT IS. THE camera pays attention to every character in the movie. The protagonists in this movie ARE very different and the way they communicate with each other is very interesting.

The plot is a mixture oF reality and fantasy. But it is a fantasy which converts inTO reality.

I’d like to HIGHLIGHT the colors which were used in this movie.

It seems that THE camera WORK, THE colors, etc are not so important. When I choOse a movie I’m usually looking for the plot in the first PLACE.

And I prefer something real, not fantasy, not AN abstract plot. But here IT is different. The way IN which this movie was made is the main  reason why I liked IT.

Thank you Mr. Anderson for your job,


Here is the link to the information about Wes Anderson:

The capital letters show our mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

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