Sunday, July 20, 2014

English: Writing. The idea for a new cell phone application.

Write a description for a new cell phone application you would like to create.

It seems difficult to find space for any new application today. But let’s try.

I’m thinking about something which I could USE. For example during vacation, we often have the necessity to find excursions from A definite PLACE. What DO we do? We look for residential travel agencIES, A train or a bus station with THE schedule and prices. We ask other tourists what they haVE seen.

The idea is to create a special application for that use.
I AM aware that there is a lot of other applications and sites ON THE Internet where we can find this information. But I don’t know A resource which Is completely dedicated TO this task.

One condition for success is that travel agencies and transport companies could UPload their information to the database.

I have my own experience when we were on vacation in Italian Milano Marittima and we spent a lot of money for the excursions before we discovered that buying family tickets for buses and travelling this way WAS much, much cheaper. We visited many fabulous Italian cities without spending A LOT OF money and kept our financIAL resources. And now I can suggest this way OF travelling using this application.

The capital letters show our mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

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