Saturday, August 2, 2014

English: Writing. Short description OF studying with Verbling

Task: Your friend is new to Verbling. Write an email to them explaining how Verbling works and giving them advice on how to best use it.

Hello Jon,
You asked me about Verbling and here is my short description:

Verbling is an online school which provides classes for people who are interested in studying foreign languages. Now they offer English and Spanish. I guess they are thinking about OFFERing other languages too. I know about it because once they sent me AN offer to teach Russian. But for now they concentrate ON only two languages which I mentioned before.

They use Google plus hangoutS as a platform for the classes. The restriction of 10 participants in EACH Google plus hangout works WELL because studying in very large groups is not so effective.

The most important features which we can use in Google plus hangoutS ARE a very good quality voice chat and screensharing.

But it is possible in Google plus hangouts to watch videoS together, to paint, AND to play several games.

IT’S ALSO very important THAT WE ARE ABLE to use tablets and smartphones.

The teachers who work there DO their jobS very well. The styles of teaching are very different AND the classes ARE USUALLY very informative and interesting.

I think that it is very important in studying languages to keep a strong motivation AND to maintain an interest in studying.

My advice for you - try it.

The capital letters show our mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

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