Sunday, June 15, 2014

My review about movie “It’s a wonderful life”

Task: You are a famous movie critic. Write a review for a movie that you recently watched.

“It’s a wonderful life”. It sounds LIKE a very positive expression. It seems that people who keep this idea in mind never have any problems. No stress, no depression.

But this movie is not easy TO WATCH. It describES a difficult part of life. The main character there Is On the verge of committing suicide. He Is broke, he Is so angry AT himself, AT the world that he outrageS HIS family, AND his wife that he loveS very much.

And the life gIVES him a chance to see what could happen if he DIDn’t exist.

He realiseS that without lots of great deEDs which he did, the world would be different, much worse than reality.

And when he returnS to reality, many people who ARE grateful for his kind deEDs brING him money from large sumS to 1 dollar.

And he realizeS that he lived a great life, he LEARNS that from hopeless situationS, AN exit exists and kind deEDs lead to happiness.

This movie was made in 1946 by Frank Capra and IS included in the list of the WORLD’S BEST movies.

It IS A must-see.


The capital letters show our mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

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