Thursday, November 3, 2016

Writing exercise: Superstores

Write a few paragraphs about big-box stores. What effect do you think they have on communities? Do they bring more pros or cons with them?

Opening of new big-box stores is a trend for many places, especially for big cities. And that process has a huge impact for local communities.

The pros for customers are the possibility of buying all products (foodstuffs and manufactured goods) in one place, using services such as barber's, dry-cleaner’s and entertainment in cinema, cafes, and so on.

But on the other hand, the local business is not just a trading, it is a way of life for people which includes a producing natural products, many skills which are passing from generation to generation, and it is a part of the culture of local communities.

The cons are an absence of small shops with local products out of doors where people (sellers and customers) communicate with each other. People visit local shops not only for buying things but for communication too. Many people prefer to buy foodstuffs on at the agriculture markets because they believe that direct trading with farmers allows people to remove the brokers from the trading chain and it makes products cheaper.

I believe that the feature of modern society is competition. It appears in many cases: in producing goods, in politics, and in trading deals too. It must be understandable understood that every change has an implication for communities. People need to accept it even it has a site effect as difficulties for local communities.

Teacher’s comment:
Article Use: You wrote, *"...local business is not just a trading, it is a way of life." This should be "...local business is not just trading, it is a way of life..."
Plural Noun/Preposition: You wrote, *"Many people prefer to buy foodstuff on the agriculture markets..." You had written "foodstuffs" before, which is correct. This sentence should be "Many people prefer to buy foodstuffs at the agriculture markets."

This topic was written and corrected by teacher Steve B in online school (former englishtown)

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