Sunday, November 27, 2016

Writing about future lifestyles

You have been asked to write an article for the local newspaper explaining how you think your life will be different in 25 years. Write about how technology will impact the different parts of your life.
The year after 25 years from this year will be 2041. Lifestyles will most likely change dramatically. Robots will replace people in many areas such as agriculture, services and transport.

It means that people will spend more time for on themselves and the entertainment industry
is in the running to become the most attractive area for business.

If the life will Will life be easier for the average person? Not sure. People will be more educated because they will have access for to all kinds of information. Probable demand for level of knowledge for applying for the a job will increase. Strong competition between people and with robots is bound to be a real problem for people who wouldn’t be ready to study hard.

Digital or audio books or maybe video books would be more popular than paper books. Voice recognition technology doesn’t stand a chance for using the a keyboard or pen. Will it make our life better? It is an open question.

Teacher’s comment:
Please do not say: "industry of entertainment" but rather, 'the entertainment industry". Please be aware of word ordering. Please also do not say: "will be increased" but rather, "will increase". Please use the future tense.

This topic was written and corrected by teacher Jacqui M in online school (former englishtown)

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