Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Talking about Spain

Image result for benidorm skyscrapers
Beach at Benidorm

Today's class in online school engoo.com was dedicated to Spain. The teacher Stevan said that he grew up in the USA but the most in his live he lived in Spain. His first language is english and his second language is spanish.

During introduction I shared my experience of visiting Spain: as I liked Barcelona and Costa Brava and as I didn't like Benidorm. As it appeared the teacher has a similar opinion about Benidorm, he agreed  that skyscrapers on the beach (in Benidorm) is not the best choice.

I was recommended by teacher to visit Malaga and to attend there a hiking natural excursion. Vacation on the shore of Atlantic ocean comparing with holiday on Mediterranean sea would be risky due the unstable weather.

As a result, Andalusia (Spain) had moved for the first position of possible options for the next my summer holiday destination.

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