Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Russian Government Plans to Push Microsoft Out of Russia

The plans to switch Miscosoft programs for domestic software for state's companies were released

It seems that Russian government decided to ruin Microsoft's monopoly for basic programs. There are some reasons for that movement.

Reviving a competition on software market.
It so happened that Microsoft has a very strong position on Russian market. Computers sell with pre-installed Windows system. Microsoft Office is used by citizens and state's administration for digital document exchange. Even the most popular in Russia accounting program "1C" uses Microsoft server's software and database as a basic platform for applications. As it expected developing market for domestic programs leads to fair competition.

Economical reasons.
American company grabs a benefit from sales of pre-installed Windows for every personal computer. It is understandable an intention to keep this financial resources inside country.

Security reasons.
Security issues play not least role in the decision to held foreign programs apart from state's companies especially when relationships between Russia and the USA reached a bottom point.

India, China, now - Russia are on the way of releasing their domestic software markets from Microsoft, results of this efforts we'll see in the nearest future.

This topic was written and corrected by teacher ZZWhitney R in online school http://englishlive.ef.com (former englishtown)

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