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English: Story Time

English: Story Time
In this class, we will narrate a story together! I will give the students the start of a story, and each student will have to continue the story bit by bit. You will be the author and along with others in the class, we will complete a short story! This will be tons of fun, so make sure you join!

Characters: 2 People, 1 Doctor, 1 young helper (nurse)
Person 1: A pregnant woman (Maria)
Person 2: Maria Husband (Anthony)
Doctor: Dr. Who
Nurse: Peter

Location: Verbling Hospital

Time Period:  Present Day (2014) - Morning time

Plot (Storyline): Maria wants to have plastic surgery. Anthony doesn’t know about it. Dr. Who and Maria make a secret appointment to give Maria a facelift (cosmetic surgery). During the surgery, Anthony comes in and he is very angry.

Title: A Scary Surgery

Once upon a time...Maria was watching TV and she saw something interesting on TV. It an was advertisement about plastic surgery. After she watched the advertisement, she contacted the doctor in Verbling Hospital to make an appointment. She asked herself “Why did my husband say earlier that he loved me very much, but this time he only said that he loves me?”

Maria knew the doctor at Verbling Hospital from a class she had taken on Verbling earlier. She and Dr. Who had a good working relationship. She called up Dr. Who’s office and decided to make an appointment with him:

Maria: “Hello, I want to meet with Dr. Who if he is free.”

Peter: “Yes Maria. Why do you need to talk with Dr. Who?”

Maria: “I want to get a facelift.”

Peter: “ I wouldn’t recommend you get a facelift because in a previous case our patient lost his face.”

Maria: “Oh! I’m surprised to hear your recommendation because just this week I saw an advertisement that Dr. Who was an expert at facelift surgeries. So can you give me an appointment to meet with him directly because I really want to tell him about my concerns, please?”

Peter: “Okay, Dr. Who is free on Friday at 9:00am.”

Maria: “Yes, that’s good for me. Please do not call my house and tell anyone of my appointment, especially my husband.”
Peter: “Yes, your secret is safe with us.”

Chapter 2

Maria tells Anthony that she is going to her mom’s place. Anthony is a suspicious person and he had been checking Maria’s calls. When he heard about the secret appointment, he was very upset.

When Maria felt that her husband found out about her secret facelift appointment, she came back home and spoke to Anthony. She explained her reason for making the secret appointment. She said she didn’t want to tell her husband because she did not feel beautiful and that Anthony did not love her anymore, not like before.

Anthony accepted her explanation and he let her go to finalize the expenses for the surgery, without contributing his own money.  

Chapter 3

Maria is sitting in the waiting room at the hospital. She looks excited, and doesn’t look nervous. Meanwhile, Anthony is at home and getting angrier by the minute. He takes his gun and starts driving towards the hospital, and yelling at himself for letting his wife go.

It was a wonderful, sunny day for a tragic story.

Anthony meets Peter at the hospital and he angrily asks Peter “Did you advice my wife to get a facelift?!”

Peter says “Mr. Anthony, we didn’t give her any advice about getting a facelift. She came to us voluntarily because she believed what she saw about Dr. Who was that he is capable of doing a life-changing surgery on her.”

Anthony got angry and started a fight in the hospital. At this moment, Maria came in and wanted Anthony to stop fighting. Maria approached Anthony and reminded him that this surgery was for herself and special for Anthony so that she can maintain her beauty.

Anthony replies “I love you very much, Maria. Come home with me please.”

Maria says “I love you too. I don’t want the surgery anymore. You are the most important thing in my life. Let’s go home.”

The End

Anatoly, Hamit Ay, Nelson David Proaño Cevallos, xuân trình nguyễn, Victor Kovynev, Dodi D, Nguyễn Ly
Typed by Teacher Hina

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