Sunday, February 10, 2019

Sorry Right Number by Stephen King Review

The screenplay "Sorry Right Number" by Stephen King refers to the genre of the stories where creating an atmosphere of suspense is essential. It is important to incorporate something supernatural into everyday routine. This method adds tension to the narration.

The main character of the story, Katie, received a telephone call. The vague voice on the other side of the line pleaded to do something. It wasn't clear what was asked and who was the caller. Katie was sure that it was somebody from her family.

Katie made some calls to her daughter, her mother. They were all right. But her sister didn't answer the telephone call. Her anxiety spread to all of her family, her husband Bill, and her children who were playing in the room.

Bill was a writer. He was busy with his job and he had to pause his work because of this emergency. They decided to go to Katie's sister. Stephen King keeps a reader in suspense, by adding some alarming details in the narration, such as an issue with a locker to the house and so on. Eventually, as it became clear, everything was ok, nothing had happened.

Soon after those events, Bill had a heart attack and family couldn't get him to the hospital, so he died. Katie married again, but she remembered and missed Bill. After many years in definite circumstances (old movie on TV, some items around reminded her the past)  Katie felt something like a feeling of déjà vu. Mechanically, she dialed her old number on the telephone and ... She heard on the other side of the line her own voice. She tried to say that she needs to take Bill to the hospital but her tongue didn't obey her. Katie was able only to say sobbing "Take . . . please take . . . t-t-".

This is a horror story where a fright comes not from gory scenes. Here ordinary people do ordinary things until something supernatural happens. Stephen King incorporates very few creepy details into the plot which made the thriller based on the narration.

Here is the text of the story:

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