Sunday, February 24, 2019

A Day's Wait by Ernest Hemingway Review

The short story "A Day's Wait” by Ernest Hemingway based on actual events in the author's life. Hemingway’s son came down with a fever. The author's son reacted similar to the reaction of the boy in the story (the main character of the story).

The American boy, his name was Schatz thought that he was going to die. These thoughts were based on the fact that his temperature was a hundred and two and he heard from his schoolmates in France that people can't live with a temperature of forty-four degrees or more. In fact, he was healthy. He was just used to another scale for measuring temperature. He used Fahrenheit instead of Celsius.

This mistake revealed that auto-suggesting is essential. Being sure that he was really ill, Schatz felt and behaved accordingly. Schatz displayed also some good features of his character, he was brave facing death in the near future as he thought.

Readers can appreciate Hemingway's method of writing dialogs. It allowed making own inferences about the characters of the story. It made the story easy for reading and instructive.

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