Saturday, September 22, 2018

Reversible by Courttia Newland --- Review

'Reversible' written by the contemporary British writer Courttia Newland presented a story in reverse chronological order from the end to beginning. The plot tells the story of one day in a young man’s life. Newland writes about the main character’s everyday routines (usual morning, drinking coffee, leaving home and so on). As it appeared it was the last day of his life. From the beginning of the story, we find out that he was shot accidentally by the police.

The author used a technique of presenting the plot in opposite order. The first scene describes a dead body. The last paragraph describes a careless morning which he had.

This method which was called in the title as 'reversible' allows readers to look for the plot from a different point of view. The inevitable flowing of time was an important idea that Courttia Newland provided. The story is a little bit complicated for reading but rather remarkable.
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