Wednesday, September 5, 2018

French Joe by Somerset Maugham Review

The story "French Joe" written by Somerset Maugham is short, but the plot encompasses the whole life of the person met by the narrator on the Thursday island.

As we can guess from the title, the name of the main character is Joe and he is French. He told the narrator that he was born on the island of Corsica in a noble family. He served in the Army and participated in military campaigns in Europe. He joined the revolutionaries and was sentenced and was sent to Australia.

He ran away from the ship in Melbourne. His next adventures were described in these few lines in the story:
"He cooked, taught French, swept streets, worked in the gold mines, tramped, starved, and at last found his way to New Guinea. Here he underwent the most astonishing of his experiences, for drifting into the savage interior, and they are cannibals there still, after a hundred desperate adventures and hair-breadth escapes he made himself king of some wild tribe."

The story is written in an easy for reading style, as the other works of Somerset Maugham.

This is the link to the story:

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