Saturday, June 6, 2015

English: Writing. Traveling in time

Task: Write a letter to a company suggesting that they offer a new product you would like to purchase.

Traveling in time

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The tourist industry can offer much more now for people than in the past. And TAKING historical trips is a trend now. This is A picture which I took in the Roman Forum (Rome, Italy) in May 2015. It was A very rainy day, it seemed not so comfortable for walking between the ruins but it was A very memorable event. Maybe because there was no crowd during the rain.

The atmosphere of this place was UNforgettable. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS USE A LITTLE imagination and you are in the past.

So, my idea is to suggest the historical trips to customers. Having so many sources of information and considering the great interest of tourists about history, it would be a good business idea.


Written for Anatoly’s blog during Audrey Ross’s class.

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