Sunday, June 14, 2015

English: Writing. Desktop In the Cloud

Your favorite company made a huge mistake. Write a complaint letter to the CEO of this company.

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Flexibility. It is a new trend which can improve a work performance in the company.

I tried last time to move my virtual working place (desktop of my computer) to the server. And now I’m completely independent of the place where I Am now in terms of doing my job. My files, office programs, accountING programs, they are all in the cloud.

WHILE I WAS on A business trip last month I shared with my colleagues that WHEN I AM  in front of A computer I feel LIKE I’m in my office because my computer's desktop IS with me. “Only the furniture is different” THEY JOKED.
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It is reasonable to use as a local computer the cheapest one and install there free software, I recommend the linux system - Ubuntu.

Using the resources of the one server and programs which have BEEN bought for one computer, the company can keep A LOT OF money for developing THE business.

Written for Anatoly’s blog during Audrey Ross’s class.

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