Friday, December 21, 2012

Unknown feature of IMDb site

I discovered that an interesting possibilities of The Internet Movie Database (IMDb, ) some times ago. It’s likely that this feature could be interesting for people who like cinema and, especially, for students who study English.This internet-page  allows us to observe somebody’s collections of his/her favorite movies. The page is refreshing constantly. We can see there how many minutes agothe last list was created. We can read in English a short description (and comments) about any film from the database and comments. After quick registration, we can create our own list of our favorite movies (this is my list ).We only need to write there the title of our favorite movies.  The picture and the description appear automatically (they are taken from the database).What kind of movies do you like? An answer for this question from people with similar preferences might help you to choose the next movie to watch. By using this site we can find people with the similar "taste in movies" and take their recommendations for ourselves. And we are involved in the process of the movies assessment. Somebody might say thanks for your rating.


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