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Dream about Australia

Dream about Australia

(Writing in English: Advanced Writing. Class 09/12/2012.  Teacher: DeliaBrown Resident)

Match the lists of words with the correct definitions.
1. The habits, traditions and beliefs of a group of people.
2. To decide that an organised event will not happen.
3.  A journey when you visit a place for a short time and come back again.
4. The activity of visiting places which are interesting.
5. Someone who visits a place for pleasure and does not live there.
6. The place where you stay.
7. To arrange to use or do something at a particular time in the future.  
8. A thin book with pictures and information, usually advertising something.
9. A book that gives information about the place you are visiting
1. Bags and cases that you carry with you when you are travelling.
2. A building where you can get onto an aircraft, bus, or ship.
3. A visit to and around a place, area, or country.
4. The area at an airport where they check your ticket and take your luggage.
5. The place in a hotel where people go when they arrive.
6. A comfortable bus used to take groups of people on journeys.
7. A building where you can look at important objects.
8. To sit or lie in the sun so that your skin becomes brown.  
\9. To pay to use something for a short time.

II.  Now use some of this vocabulary to write about a trip you have made, or a trip you would like to make.  Try to use a variety of different grammar tenses, and remember that the typical word sequence in English is:  Subject + verb+ object + place + time.  

Example:  If I could travel anywhere, I'd go to the Amazon.  After checking in at the airport, I'd text all my friends, and tell them I was on my way.  Before doing anything else, I'd find a guide to take me on the most exciting adventure of my life.  I wouldn't visit museums, or spend time by the pool sunbathing.....

III.  When you finish writing, check to make sure you have used the correct form for plurals and singulars, third person, past tense, and continuous forms.  Make sure you use 'a' before singular nouns and 's' for plurals.  If sentences are very long, break them into to separate sentences.  Make sure the word order is correct.  Read it very carefully and try to catch your typical mistakes before sending it to the teacher.

Dream about Australia (writing exercise)

What do I think the most interesting destination would be? I should answer this question in Delia’s class, which is dedicated to advance writing.  Okay, I think the second conditional could be suitable for describing my dream.  If I had enough time and money, I’d visit Australia. I’d travel when it was wintertime in my country, and go to a place where it was summertime.  I always read a guide before visiting a new destination.  I can imagine what I’d do after landing in Melbourne.  The first thing would be to use my English to talk to a taxi driver, and then to the hotel manager when I arrived at my accommodation.  I know the receptionists speak English, even in non English speaking countries.  I know that the Australian accent

What is the most interesting destination for me which I’d want to visit?
I should answer for(without for) this question in the( without ‘the’) Delia’s class which was (is) dedicated to advanced writing.
Ok. I think the second conditional could be suitable for describing my dream.
If I could time and money enough I’d visit Australia.  If I had enough time and money, I’d visit Australia.

I’d buy a ticket for time when the winter in my country and fly to summer’s time. I’d travel when it was wintertime in my country, and go to a place where it was summertime.

Always when I’m going to visit new place I read some books about this destination. I always read a guide before visiting a new place. And it is necessary to bye a guide.

I can imagine now what I should do when I’ll be landed to Melbourne. The first one I’ll try use my English and speak with taxi-driver, with hotel’s manager when I’ll arrive to hotel. I know that even in not English speakers countries all people who serve on reception speak in English. I know that Australian’s accent is different from American and British English. I wonder if I can understand Australian people.

Ok. Now I can look around and choose sightseeings which I should observe. What is the cheapest and fastest way to know places around us? Yes, I can ride on the coach. Or I could hire a car.

I interested in a nature and culture that fabulous country. And I keep this dream to visit that place in the future.


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