Friday, April 8, 2011

Second Life (SL) – a good thing or a bad thing?

In recent years SL has become an increasingly important means of communication. However? It has both advantages and disadvantages.

On the plus side:
First of all, SL is interesting. No matter where you are. Using SL you can visit famous places (it could be Dresden Gallery and Moscow Kremlin, London and Barcelona etc. There are many applications that provide various forms of entertainment for the users. Some features include interactive gaming, voice chat, art, live music, theatre, concerts.

Secondly, SL is a very good way for education, especially for learning foreign languages.

Another point is that SL gives us visual information about Realy Life (RL).

Also, SL gives a good opportunity for collaboration. It could be participating in the meetings of writers or simple lover bookers, exhibitions of arts etc where you can contact with interesting people.

In addition to this, SL is available at an extremely low cost. The SL-client is a free download and residents, as participants are called into the game, don’t have to spend many.

On the minus side:

The first con of SL is you need use special application and many people are unfamiliar with this program.

Secondly, SL requires a high-speed internet connection, a quick microprocessor, and good video/graphics card.

Another problem is a possibility for stoles intellectual property. Not fairly residents can make copies and break patent rights others.

And there may be some bad people and there may be some bad think of these people. In fact, we may learn some bad habits or some bad behaviors by the Second Life.

Although as stated above, it is an advantage that SL is a very interesting game, this can be a disadvantage. I mean an “addiction”. Addiction comes in different ways. A lot of users spend more time on their second life rather than their real life. Some people blow off their children and jobs to spend more time on this “fantasy life”

Overall, however, to my mind the pros of SL overweigh the cons. It has transformed the world of communications and created new Internet which is called as WEB-2.

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