Sunday, April 7, 2019

A New Kind of War by Ernest Hemingway Review

A New Kind of War by Ernest Hemingway represented another facet of the author's works. It is a news dispatch, a great example of journalistic skill.

Ernest Hemingway described a few scenes which he witnessed being as an American journalist in Madrid, Spain, during the Civil War 1937. The city was under siege by General Franco's Nationalist forces.

The narration started with the line "The window of the hotel is open and, as you lie in bed, you hear the firing in the front line seventeen blocks away." The war invaded into life, it was becoming closer and closer. The author wrote what he saw: "There is the acrid smell of high explosive you hoped you'd never smell again, and, in a bathrobe and bedroom slippers, you hurry down the marble stairs and almost into a middle-aged woman, wounded in the abdomen, who is being helped into the hotel entrance by two men in blue workmen's smocks."

The war in the conversations which Ernest Hemingway had, was represented as a part of everyday life for people. The literary style which the author used made the impression of the war's scenes more understandable for readers who have never been at war.

Ernest Hemingway described in this short article Madrid and the hotel where he stayed, the story of the wounded soldier Raven and Raven's commander, Jock Cunningham. The author paid much attention to describing the sensory details which appeal to the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Thanks to it, readers have a visual picture of the time and place where the plot took place.

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