Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Gun by Mark Haddon Review

The short story 'The Gun' by Mark Haddon was included in the collection of stories under the title ‘The O. Henry Prize Stories 2014.' The works of O. Henry were selected by the publisher because of their clear plots with simple characters and humor.

The origins of this award were when O'Henry’s friends gathered together after his death. In honor of his memory, they decided to regularly select the most remarkable short stories. During this time, there were nine editors of these series.

'The Gun' is a story about two boys who had a dangerous and criminal adventure. One boy found the gun. They were not able to cope with the intense emotions that overwhelmed them. The boys were excited by the power that they gained. Mark Haddon has an impressive ability to involve reader into tense, dynamic events which occurred in the story. It seems that two boys were together only by chance, they are together and they are apart of each other. The author brought the characters so close to each other that the actions of the story seem to have happened with us.

Here we can find the text of the story (after making a trial subscription to the magazine):

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