Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Seventh Grade by Gary Soto Analysis

Seventh Grade by Gary Soto is a story about teenage boy Victor who fell in love with his classmate - a girl Teresa. The author chose a deliberately simple style of writing according to the age of two main characters in the story. At the beginning of the story, Victor selected French as a foreign language for studying because, "... it was cool ... there were rivers in France, and huge churches, and fair-skinned people everywhere ...". Besides, Teresa, a girl he liked, took French, too.

The story begins with the classmates meeting after summer vacation before starting the seventh grade in school. The boys talked about appearance, how to make a good impression for girls. One boy - Michael said that, "... his face had changed during the summer. He had read a GQ5 magazine that his older brother had borrowed from the Book Mobile and noticed that the male models all had the same look on their faces. They would stand, one arm around a beautiful woman, and scowl." Michael believed that it worked because as he said, "Belinda Reyes walked by a while ago and looked at me”.

The main character- Victor thought that it was superficial but nevertheless he tried to make the same expression. He noticed that the girl, who walked past him, looked at him. Umm, he thought, maybe it does work.

During the French class, Victor thought about Teresa and when the teacher asked the students to give examples of nouns in French, Victor automatically said, "Teresa". "Some of the girls giggled. They knew he had a crush on Teresa. He felt himself blushing ...".

There are few more situations where Victor embarrasses himself in front of Teresa. The story has a happy ending. Teresa asked Victor to help her with her French. They said, “Bonjour” to each other. The last line of the story,
"He was going to like seventh grade."

Good reading for the positive emotions!

This is a link to the original text of the story:

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