Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Face on the Wall by E. V. Lucas Review

The story "The face on the wall" by E. V. Lucas is quite short and very captivating. The author talks about a group of people who presented the stories one after another. One person, the pale man, listened to the stories with a great attention, and he was eventually asked to tell a story too.

The pale man started the story about a strange patch on the wall which reminded him of a face of a man. While the time was passing, the face became clearer and clearer. He couldn't sleep under obsession to find the man and he found him...

I can't disclose the plot further, I'd like to keep some intrigue for the future readers of this story. I think that there is one thing which is remarkable about this story: it is the pitch of voice which the narrator uses. When the suspense grows, the tone of the narration is changing, it goes to a high level and suddenly stops. The listeners are anxious to hear continuation, their interest is growing and so on.

That's all about the story and here the story is:
This is a link to the audio on Youtube:

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