Monday, November 6, 2017

Virtual Tour To Jamaica

This virtual trip took place during the 25 minute class in online school with the teacher David. We used the screen-sharing feature of Skype. The version of Skype which David used allowed him to convey not only the image of the desktop of his computer but also the sound. It made it possible to watch video from Youtube together just as if we were sitting in a physical classroom with the TV on the screen.

The most well-known tool for exploring places is Google Map, we used it also. The journey started from the airport in Kingston- the capital city of Jamaica. It is located on the Palisadoes which is a tombolo or spit of the world's seventh largest natural harbor (the spit is a geographical term which means a small point of land running into the sea). The runway stretches into the inner side of the harbor.

There is another remarkable place near the airport - Port Royal. It was destroyed by earthquake twice in 1692, when it was a pirate's city and in 1969. Most of the town went under the water. Now it is a place for diving, the views of the buildings under and above the surface of the water has become another tourist attraction there.

As in all capital cities, Kingston includes the downtown stores, business areas, and parks. We went (by watching video on Youtube) through a park named Emancipation Park in New Kingston. The statues (Redemption Song) of a nude man and woman in the park were the subject of controversies among inhabitants of Kingston when they were erected. We saw in the video the people who were working in the park and playing table tennis.

In the last part of the class, we came to the area where the University of the West Indies is located. The buildings for students look quite comfortable. We stopped in front of the lecture auditorium with an unusual shape. It was built by a Chinese company. David mentioned that the cost of renting it for the educational or business event is approximately $700 US for an hour. The cost of studying in the university there is about $2000 US/year.

Going through the university's campus we came across the tree the Blue Mahoe which is the national tree of Jamaica. Jamaica has a lot of natural tourist attractions and it would be an interesting subject for the new session: future 25 minutes English class on

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