Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Short Story "The Last Judgment" by Karel Čapek Review

The short story "The Last Judgment" by Karel Čapek was written in a very "easy for reading" way with great sense of humor.

The plot is how the murderer after he was killed by a policeman appeared in the heaven's court. The last judgment was committed in such a way as it used to be on the earth, with accuser and defender and eventually the protagonist was sentenced for sending to hell.

This is one example of funny description of the conversation between a prosecutor and an accused (Kugler):

"He killed them with an axe and found only sixteen dollars, although they had twenty thousand hidden away.”

Kugler jumped up. “Where?”

“In the straw mattress,

The dialogs, the formal procedures in the cort, reactions of protagonists - everything was written by Karel Čapek very well, I have read this story with the greatest pleasure.

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