Saturday, October 8, 2016

Can you solve the clues?

Some notes after a free session on Google Hangout from Teacher Holly (Holly Tree English)

Topic: Verbs “be” and “Have”
Subject: English Practice, English Games
English Level: High Beginner-Advanced

Class information:
I will give each person 3 clues. Can you solve them? After I give the clues, I will ask a question. You will have to solve the clues to answer. If you cannot answer, the class will have a chance. If the students are more advanced, the clues and questions will be more advanced. If the students have less advanced English, the clues and questions will be simpler. Join us to have a little fun practicing English with students just like you. And don’t forget that this class will be on YouTube.
Session 1 Date and Time: 4:30PM GMT October 8, 2016
Session 2 Date and Time: 6:30PM GMT October 8, 2016
Session 3 Date and Time: 12:30AM GMT October 9, 2016


I have something that is somewhat large.
It holds a common drink.
You have seen it before.
What do I have?

This thing has 4 legs.
It can be large or small.
Many people own 1 or more.

It is long and usually skinny.
Many people have negative feelings about it.
It lives, but doesn't have legs.
What is it?

They are long and skinny.
They are connected with food.
They can be made of many different materials.
What are they?

She goes to school, not university, every week day.
She likes to play with many different toys.
She has a lot of love to give.
Who is she?

They all have 2 legs.
They all make sounds.
They cannot all fly.
What are they?

Not roosters, ostrich

It has 4 legs, but doesn't live.
It can be large or small.
The top is usually soft.
What is it?

It has many buttons.
It can be large or small.
Sometimes the buttons are not real.


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