Sunday, January 3, 2016

English class: Representing Yourself In The Court (January 2, 2015, teacher Simon D. Yates,

The task of watching video before class was to choose a role for play in the class. The video was about representing yourself in the court and the list of roles was:
  1. facilitator - who helps to participate in process, in that case who organizes show;
  2. litigant - person who is interested in court's result;
  3. professor - who leads the non-profit organization for helping people represent them-self in the court;
  4. layer or advocate.

The main part of the class was organized as a radio-show where the facilitator gave to other participators possibilities to express their opinion about self-representation in the court.

Useful vocabulary:
I was out of options;
legal fees;
crusader following your goal  ;
I'm a layer, I'm gonna clean you up.

Our teacher, Simon, made this class very dynamical restricting the time of each speeches. 

Productive teacher's methods:
Playing video before discussion;
Giving role for each student from video;
Good time-management during the class.

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