Friday, December 5, 2014

Close to nature

Task: To create story about picture

This person likes to be near nature. What do we need to take a bath apart from water?  
No shampoo, no perfume. There is other stuff, and in this case it is fruit. Old people know that fruit has lots of useful components inside. Even dry fruits could be used with water to enrich it with vitamins.

The next thing which demonstrated our closeness to nature is the cat. As it is well known, pets can communicate with their owners. Moreover, they can heal people. It seems that the two in this picture are happy being together. It could be dangerous to make eye contact with animals because they could perceive it as a threat. But this advice doesn’t work in this photo. They look like friends.

In choosing a title for this picture, I could name it Water/Fruit/Animal Therapy. Is it correct in English? Maybe not, but close to matters of nature.

Written on December 5, 2014 by Anatoly special for blog  , corrected by Verbling Teacher Andrea  during the class on Verbling.   

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