Thursday, April 18, 2013

Writing in English: Creative Writing

This is a writing exercise which was made by me at the school of 13/04/2013

Teacher (Kori Blaisdale):
She  looked at the photograph, it had been so long now, but she felt like it was yesterday. The emotion stirred up in her as if it had just been yesterday but the photo was frayed at the corners. How could such a small thing have such a big impact? She decided it was time to do something about it, this had to be dealt with now or it would dominate his/her life forever. She finished her drink and stood shakily up, It had to be now or never.

Task: to continue writing


She lost her money after the last financial crisis, it had hit everyone hard, but her, especially so. And when she saw Dorothea Langes's famous photo in this newspaper, she was afraid for her future. It seemed to her that all the world around her had become a hostile place to live. The view of the women on this photo reflected her own anxieties.

But ... She remembered some facts from the history class she had taken long ago. After the Great depression, when this photo had been taken, the USA became the richest country in the World. It meant that the future for the children in this photo had been, in fact, very bright. It means that after the darkest hour life turns a corner to the brightest day. It meant opportunity, he could start a new business. In the long run, it would mean happiness.

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